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Drafts – WIPs 

Kaity is working on the second Reykjavik Socks by Cookie A.

Kris has started her Mr. Bates socks, using her vintage Zitron Trekking XXL. Kris is ready to bind off her Lily Cardigan, so it’s almost done!

Frontlist – FOs

Kaity finished her Hitchhiker on the show!

Slush Pile – Gift Knits

The Christmas shawls have been gifted, and were much appreciated. Handknit Christmas gifts FTW! The gift tags that Kris included can be found at Eskimimi Makes.

Kris pulled out what is probably her longest languishing FO, a square for a blanket for her son, knit in a nautical theme from Plymouth Encore worsted. The seventh square is the Roman Stripe pattern. You can find examples of a lot of these squares at the Walker Treasury Project.

Group Work – Basket List – Planning for 2013
Post a picture of your woolgathering for you Basket List next year in the Ravelry group by New Year’s Eve for a chance to win a free Ravelry pattern!

BrainstormingKris showed some stash yarn that she is planning to use to design socks inspired by the women in her family, including several indie dyers and a couple of skeins from the Loopy Ewe sock club in 2009.

Kaity’s planning to design socks for the characters from Once Upon a Time, because “she loves this show, and there needs to be socks.” She’s considering Rumplestiltskin (Dalek yarn), Belle , Snow White, Prince Charming (KnitPicks Stroll in dark green), Aurora (Dream in Color), the Evil Queen, and eventually Henry.

Apocrypha – Geekery
Kris had her first book chapter published in Causes and Consequences of Human Migration. She’s chapter 12.
23andMe has dropped the price of their genetic testing service from $299 to $99.
Thanks to smurfan for the Terra shawl pattern!
Kaity now has to watch everything with Robert Carlyle in it, including Stargate: Universe.
Sharon from Three Irish Girls has started Knitters for Newtown, to benefit the families of Newtown, Connecticut. Kris and Kaity are planning to send the squares they were saving for Project Linus to Sharon, to be incorporated into the blankets her group is putting together.
For the local knitters, Yarns, Etc. in Chapel Hill is collecting Monsters for the 600 Monsters project (deadline Jan 20).  Downtown Knits in Apex is collecting handknit winter wear to send to Newtown (deadline Jan 6).

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Episode 30: Christmahanakwanzapocalypse

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