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Drafts – WIPs 

Kaity is working on the second Thor sock, and she’s nearly done with the first Reykjavik Socks by Cookie A. She had to rip out the Calais shawl and start over, but she’s nearly back to where she realized she needed to rip it.

Kris is working on the increases for the waist shaping of her Lily Cardigan.

Slush Pile – Gift Knits

Kris pulled out what is probably her longest languishing FO, a square for a blanket for her son, knit in a nautical theme from Plymouth Encore worsted. The seventh square is the coral pattern. You can find examples of a lot of these squares at the Walker Treasury Project.

Group Work – Basket List – Planning for 2013
Kaity is planning some knee high Doctor Who socks for the new year, and she’s considering designing socks based on characters from Once Upon a Time.Kris is planning to knit:

  • Terra by Jared Flood out of some Mountain Colors Barefoot in the Mountain Twilight colorway.
  • Slouchy Hat with Picot Edge in Alisha Goes Around Richness of Martens Fingering in the Genevieve Colorway
  • Peacock Shawlette in Louet Gems Fingering
  • Nennir Cowl from Knitty, or maybe Yarn Harlot’s Pretty Thing Cowl, from the Cashmere she picked up in San Antonio
  • Some Ravenclaw socks
  • Cookie A’s Orange Pekoe socks
  • Socks from the Schaeffer Yarn Heathers in the Dian Fossey colorway
  • Vanilla socks from Biscotte and Cie and Helix yarns
  • A sweater for Charlie
  • More Cookie A socks?
BrainstormingKris showed her Wollmeise stash, including some very orange yarn whose colorway means “little carrot.”

Apocrypha – Geekery
We went to Brock’s Tree Farm to get our Christmas tree this week.
We made Massaman Curry for the company Christmas party, and it was a big hit! Another postdoc brought karyotype cupcakes.
We mentioned two row counting apps for iOS devices, StitchMinder and KnitMinder.
Disney movies are now on Netflix.
Plant dyes have been used for everything from cancer treatment to battery cathodes. Colors, not just for yarn!

Welcome to our newest members on the Ravelry board, Pat and Kristen. Thanks for joining the group!

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Episode 29: All the Yarn!

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