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Drafts – WIPs
 Kaity has knit 6.5 inches on her Vodka Lemonade. In another 1.5 inches she can start doing the lacy bit, which means that she’s almost done. She has also started a Square Circle Hat out of some tosh sport in the cloak colorway. She is carrying a little tosh lace with it to match her Neck Protector.
Kris is halfway through with clue D on Wendy Johnson’s Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl KAL in Shalimar Breathless fingering.
Frontlist – FOs
Kaity finished her Harvest Dew socks in the Loki colorway. 
Slush Pile – Gift Knits
Kris showed a baby dress that her mother made and sent to her so that it could be finished. Kaity showed a hat that she made for her boyfriend that ended up being too big. She gladly took it back and it fits her perfectly.
Backlist – Old Knits
Kris showed her Fibonacci knitting bag. Kaity showed her (Not a) Wallflower hat, that isn’t really that old. 
Group Work – Clubs, Etc.
The KnerdGirl Knits KAL is going full steam. Knit/crochet something red using more than 200 yards and enter to win fabulous prizes! Kris bound off her first mitt during the show today and Kaity is still slogging through the Loki socks.
Over in the group, Jordyn is making some Hermione’s Everyday Socks, Vicki has started some Ambroso Mittens, and Rachel is working on a bright red Gemini. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s finished projects. Please tag your FOs with KGKStitchRed so we can see all of your great work!
Brainstorming – Stash Enhancement
Kaity showed her new acquisitions. She is planning on getting all of GnomeAcres Avengers colorways and has already bought five of them. She showed Iron Man and Hawkeye, but she recently bought Thor and Black Widow as well. She also showed her Ty Dy yarn that she bought at the local yarn shop.

Kris showed some indie-dyed yarn she added to the stash a few years ago, when she couldn’t hold her new baby and pointy sticks at the same time.  She found some Yarn Dyenasty BFL in Peach Cobbler, Kindred Spirits BFL in Bruised, Frog Hair Fibers  sock yarn in Kent, and Sea Dragon BFL in Scorpio.

Apocrypha – Geekery
Kris reviewed The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean. Kaity mentioned that she watched Thor in French with her sister this week and she finished Loki by Mike Vasich. If you’re interested in Norse mythology she suggests that you read it. 
Thanks to the new kids in the Ravelry group: Tena and Dawn (Wolfe Farms).
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