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Drafts – WIPs

Kaity is working on the same three pairs of socks this week, though she’s nearly done with the first pair and has made good progress on the third:

Kris is working on the Windward by Heidi Kirrmaier out of Alisha Goes Around  in the Genevieve colorway. This is her first project for Camp Loopy.

Frontlist – FOs

Kaity recently finished her Star Trek Sweater in Cascade 220. The sleeves are a little longish, but it will still be perfect for this Halloween.

Kris finished her Toddler Socks with the leftover Ladybug yarn in the Aquarium colorway. The little one loves them to bits. The toe is from the Opal Kid’s Sock and the Heel is a reverse engineered Hat Heel.

Slush Pile – Mother/Daughter Knits

Kris received a Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret from Kaity as a Christmas Present. It’s extra slouchy due to an extra repeat of the pattern.

Kaity was given a pair of Arch-Shaped Socks from Kris, but one of them has disappeared. Oopsey.

Brainstorming – Stash Enhancement

Kaity has a little bit of a problem with thinkgeek. She bought some CableDrop Clips that adhere to your desk to avoid having your cables fall behind it. This will be handy come college this fall. She also purchased a Coffee Cup Power Inverter, for the long car ride tomorrow. It can charge two laptops and a phone all at once, and it fits in a cup holder. Handy!

Apocrypha – Geekery

Kaity gets to read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls for her freshman summer reading program. This is a book that the school has all the freshmen read, and then later discuss in great detail. Kris is going to read it with her. Kris also talked briefly about The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, a book that the med school she previously worked for had their incoming medical students read a few years ago.

Kris mentioned a couple of new knitting pattern collections. (The Sock Report and Knit Red).

Kaity also mentioned a great new app called Wooly for your iPhone. It lets you take pictures directly from your iPhone and then upload them straight to Ravelry. This makes the uploading process ten times easier.

Episode 4: When I Get Bigger, I Can Do Yarn

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